30 JUN 2016

Ask the Diversity Recruiter

Kalima, a diversity recruiter in our New York office, shares the many ways Goldman Sachs seeks out diverse talent.

What is your role at Goldman Sachs?
I am a vice president in our Americas Diversity Recruiting Team, which is responsible for developing diversity recruiting strategies for the firm. We work very closely with the other teams across Human Capital Management to create a cohesive strategy that’s applicable across all of our businesses.

What is the focus of the diversity recruiting team?
Our role is to find and attract top talent with a broad range of experiences. Our team focuses on recruiting individuals who help us reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate. While this includes diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status and military service, we also seek out diversity of life experiences, educational credentials and skills. Diversity recruiting is essential to our success because it helps us leverage the broadest possible range of perspectives to best serve our clients.

What programs does the firm have to attract and hire diverse candidates?
We host various proprietary programs in our offices which consist of career workshops, technical and non-technical skills training, and networking. There is also a series of events managed by our University Relations team that are held on campus.

LaunchPAD, Undergraduate Camp, the Veterans Integration Program (VIP) and the Returnship® Program, are just a few of the many programs the diversity recruiting team has for introducing a wide range of students and professionals to opportunities at Goldman Sachs.

LaunchPAD (Prepare, Advance, and Develop), is a three-year program in which rising juniors in high school can participate in a hands-on curriculum presented by business professionals. Undergraduate Camp is an interactive program hosted at our offices for undergraduate freshmen and sophomore students interested in exploring the different career paths within the financial services industry. The last two programs, VIP and Returnship®, are both 10-week re-entry programs designed to prepare service men and women exiting the military and those who have left the workforce for two or more years for career success in the financial services industry. Returnship® has also expanded to our offices in Bengaluru and Hong Kong.

Beyond our own programs, the firm sponsors programs like Girls Who Code and participates in hackathons, including our own CodeGS hackathon, to attract talented technologists. We also support the Lift Initiative out of our offices in Brazil and Women in Finance out of Hong Kong.

Which diversity-related events and conferences does the firm attend?
Goldman Sachs joins many events and conferences that are hosted by the firm’s partner organizations, some of which include: Grace Hopper, Association for Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), Out for Undergrad (O4U), National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), Lime Connect, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), America Needs You (ANY), Forte Foundation, Robert Toigo Foundation, the Consortium, and National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Additionally, we have also participated in student-run conferences and events across different college campuses such as the Black Solidarity and 1vyG conferences. We also attend the Building Disability Confidence Workshop and the QSA Inclusion Recruitment Conference in Hong Kong.

How do I find out about these programs and events?
Visit our events portal, My GS Events, to find out about programs and events on campus, at our various offices, or in a nearby venue. And don’t forget to read our careers blog for the latest on what’s happening around the firm.