Building Greener Workspaces

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Goldman Sachs offices in Chicago and Salt Lake City were recently awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certifications—the international standard for measuring building sustainability developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (the "Council").

The Council awards Gold certification for buildings that incorporate high standards for water savings, energy-efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. Last year, our Sunriver office in Bengaluru, India, became our fourth office in the Asia Pacific region to be recognized by the Council.

These certifications are the latest results of our ongoing effort to build sustainable workplaces and reduce our firm's impact on the environment. Goldman Sachs is one of the world's largest owners of LEED-certified commercial real estate, with a portfolio of 4.1 million square feet in countries such as China, India, and Singapore—including our worldwide headquarters in New York City.

The environmentally sustainable features of these buildings include:

  • Water conservation. The Green roof on our headquarters helps keep the building cool and reduce stormwater runoff into city sewers. Low-flow plumbing fixtures further reduce water waste.
  • Energy efficiency. Occupancy sensors and floor-to-ceiling windows help reduce the need for artificial lighting. And under-floor air conditioning systems reduce the need to cool air above height level.
  • Renewable and recycled furnishings and materials, including non-toxic, sustainably produced and reclaimed resources help improve indoor environmental quality and reduce waste.

For more about our commitment to LEED-certified office space, please read our 2011 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.