Tough Challenges, Creative Solutions

No matter which division you're working in, coming up with fresh, unexpected ideas to solve problems is a way of life at the firm. Learn more about how our people define creativity in their roles — and how they put it work.

“My current focus within Treasury is liquidity risk management. In particular, I’ve spent much of my time working on developing and revising liquidity risk models. There are a number of ways we have to think about liquidity risk – for example, looking at short-term, long-term, and intraday liquidity needs of the firm – which challenges me to connect concepts and think about problems more holistically.”
– Bevin

“Creativity in our department may be reflected in a few ways: finding ways to mitigate risk so that we can accommodate trade requests which we cannot accommodate otherwise, creating a new report to better monitor our portfolio or simplify the work flow, or finding a more effective way to perform credit analyses.”
– Jenny

“Over the past few months, my day-to-day activities have included meetings with Technology to design a new system, identify enhancements and create test plans which will ensure the new system is functioning properly. I find it interesting to be involved in a project like this as it gives context to how our compensation philosophies translate to tangible processes and ultimately affect the firm’s bottom line.”
– Stephanie
Senior Analyst
Human Capital Management

“Internal Audit provides a broad overview of the firm’s processes and how divisions work together to effectively serve the client’s needs. Every day brings new and different scenarios and situations to analyze and evaluate. My job requires me to pay attention to details while thinking outside the box, to identify possible trends that could signal a control weakness, and to creatively and logically assess risk for a given business function – all in a day’s work.”
– Mary Liz
Internal Audit

“One of the most interesting aspects of my job is sitting in the middle of all the macro and sector data points and then trying to analyze how this filters down into individual stock repercussions. The environment is forever changing, and as soon as you have identified one theme, it’s often straight on to the next idea. You have to be open to accepting when an idea is not working or when a successful idea has run its course, and then trying to identify the next strategy to play out.”
– Sarah
Global Investment Research

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