How a Recruiting Event Helped a Local Community

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A group of Goldman Sachs professionals in London and 19 women from local universities spent the day volunteering with the Royal London Society for Blind People. Through our Community TeamWorks initiative, the students saw a different side of collaboration at Goldman Sachs—and how our people can put their skills to work in making an impact in their communities.

CommunityTeamWorks (CTW) is a global volunteer program that gives employees time out of the office to work with nonprofit groups in their communities. In 2010, 45 Goldman Sachs offices partnered with 895 nonprofit organizations by sending 25,000 volunteers. It’s a great opportunity for people to apply their problem-solving and client service skills to community projects.

On this occasion, a group of college students and Goldman Sachs professionals volunteered side-by-side and spent the day with a group of blind and partially sighted clients from the Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB) at the Greenwich Observatory and Planetarium. The RLSB provided training in the morning and explained that their aim for the day was to give their clients the fullest possible experience of the observatory and its exhibits. The participants were then paired up with a client of the charity, and spent the afternoon guiding them around the facility.

The students were unanimous in saying they valued the chance to spend a day with potential colleagues in a non-office environment, learning new skills, meeting new people and then putting their newfound knowledge into practice.

“This was an excellent opportunity to get a better insight into the real teamwork ethic at Goldman Sachs, and talking to employees on an informal level,” said one of the student volunteers.

The firm’s participants, meanwhile, spoke of the importance of engaging students through the lens of CTW, which reinforces the importance of getting involved and supporting the community to all employees.

“It was very rewarding working with the people we met and also getting to know the potential candidates at the same time," said one of the CTW volunteers.

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