Technology: Showcasing the Future

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The EMEA Technology Infrastructure Expo in London, attended by 350 of our technology experts, featured 19 interactive booths with hands-on demonstrations, a series of talks by leaders from across the firm, and opportunities for our people to network and learn from each other.

The expo was just one in a series of Goldman Sachs Technology Infrastructure events geared towards global collaboration and knowledge share across regions—a similar one was held at our Jersey City offices earlier this year.

The solutions on display in London were drawn from the wide range of Technology Infrastructure teams, and included green technologies like the latest small-form-factor, high-performance, high-density drives for the data center; low-latency and high-performance computing equipment; and high-definition video conferencing systems.

A series of talks offered insights on emerging Infrastructure themes from Technology Division experts, while Managing Director Bill Shope, who leads our Global Investment Research Division’s coverage of the infrastructure technology hardware sector, gave an update on developments across the industry.

Like any good tech expo, the London event also had a combination of friendly competition and high-end technology on show—a rivalry for “Best Booth” brought out the showmanship in our technologists. The Race to Zero booth sponsored by the High Performance Computing team featured a “test your reaction time” challenge using a laser-based atomic clock on loan from the National Physics lab, accurate to more than a billionth of a second per year. The MultiMedia booth showcased the Hi-Def video-conference systems deployed at Goldman Sachs, and the new London Recording/Webcasting Studio. And the winning Enterprise Hardware Technology booth featured a “graveyard” of end-of-life, power-hungry data equipment; “tombstones” displayed the servers’ wattage and an exercise bike challenged attendees to generate the power required to run the devices.

Expo attendees were drawn by the breadth and depth of infrastructure products on display, as well as the need to better understand and utilize the constantly evolving technologies. “The staggering pace of technology development has totally transformed the way the business operates,” said Fareed Ali, head of Technology Infrastructure in EMEA, “our mission is to harness these developments and use them to innovate solutions that give Goldman Sachs a competitive advantage.”

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