Meet Our 10,000 Women Graduates in China

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program is providing 10,000 underserved female entrepreneurs with a business and management education, reaching women in more than 40 countries. 

Investing in women’s education has been shown to have a significant multiplier effect, and through our commitment we are strengthening communities and creating greater shared prosperity.  Here are some of the success stories of our graduates in China.  

Xiaoyan established her energy-saving lighting products business in 2009—producing over 65,000 LED lights and filing more than 100 patents to date. “10,000 Women has helped me grow my business and broaden my vision as an entrepreneur” says Xiaoyan.  Since graduating, Xiaoyan has increased her revenue by 66% and is focusing on increasing her market share.
WATCH VIDEO: Meet Xiaoyan

Linlin, a 10,000 Women graduate from Beijing, runs a business that provides education services to young children. “10,000 Women taught me the fundamentals of business management, and gave me the confidence to expand my business” says Linlin.
WATCH VIDEO: Meet Linlin

Yuan, a 10,000 Women graduate from Tianjin, started her uniform design and production company in 2005. Yuan’s 10,000 Women education taught her how to run her business more efficiently and how to better attract and retain talent.