Mentorship: Learning from the Experienced

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Our people rely on a network of mentors who provide training, career advice and a more experienced perspective on their working lives. Here’s how our people describe its importance in the firm’s culture:

“Mentoring is very important at Goldman Sachs. It is really not something you think of, you just do it. If you ask any senior member of the firm about success in their careers they will be quick to acknowledge that although they worked very hard, they all had great mentors who helped train and develop them.”
—Chris, Associate, Investment Management

“My manager, other senior people on my team, and my mentor have influenced my career the most. I think having a mentor gives me the chance to establish a personal relationship with someone senior in the firm. I can share my ambitions and concerns with my mentor comfortably when we grab food together, or have a coffee catch-up. My mentor is also a great tutor who gives me career and personal development advice.”
—Vivienne, Analyst, Global Investment Research

“I have many, many mentors, and I also participate very actively as a mentor here at the firm. In my opinion, it’s impossible to survive here, let alone succeed, without the support of a sort of ‘personal advisory committee."
—Richard, Executive Director/Vice President, Investment Banking

“I have several informal mentors. These are people that know me very well, that know my strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. They have offered me career and life advice for several years. I am also a mentor to several people. I believe in giving back and trying to impart the same knowledge that was given to me.”
—Martha, Executive Director/Vice President, Finance
“I have been formally paired with mentors in the past who have offered invaluable insight to their own careers as well as advice on how to navigate areas that may not be appropriate to discuss with teammates, such as the review process or mobility. I think mentoring certainly helps provide a different and independent perspective outside of your immediate team.”
—Nina, Associate, Investment Banking