As a member of a Goldman Sachs team, you’ll have the chance to take on new challenges and new responsibilities early on in your career. Here’s what our people have to say about the opportunities available to people just starting out at the firm:

“One hallmark of the Goldman Sachs culture is to entrust fairly junior professionals with a high degree of responsibility. It is absolutely true that opportunities are made available every day to individuals who are willing to stretch themselves.”
—Kate, Vice President, Investment Management

“Six months after I joined the firm, I was given the opportunity to present on a project to a Managing Director who was visiting the Hong Kong office. Even though she had a very packed schedule, she spared time for a new analyst and expressed huge interest in my presentation.”
—Andrew, Analyst, Operations

“I have been given the opportunity to regularly interact with business management—I haven’t been restrained by my level or title. From the time I joined the firm, I have been respected for the opinions that I have contributed and I’ve stretched to perform above and beyond what was expected of me.”
—Mary Liz, Analyst, Internal Audit

"All my managers, both direct and indirect, have been incredibly supportive in giving me the opportunities and challenges I need to progress. I started in GIR in the Clean Energy sector team, and I got to meet the CEOs and CFOs of companies very early on in my career. I attended marketing trips to meet clients based all over Europe and the US to discuss our views and the latest industry developments."
—Sarah, Associate, Global Investment Research