Tackling Challenges

At Goldman Sachs, we love a good challenge. Whether it’s finding the perfect business opportunity for a client or building the next finance app, our people get to wrap their minds around issues that span continents, disciplines and industries. We asked them how they handle it. Here’s some of what they said:

"While creativity is important in solving a client’s problems, a “can-do” attitude and an open mind are equally essential when faced with a seemingly impossible request."
—Jackie, Analyst, Human Capital Management Division

"Working closely as part of a global team plays a big role in my day-to-day job. My department demands daily interaction with several different teams across the firm. Having a good network base and knowing whom to reach out to has helped me a great deal."
—Mathangi, Associate, Operations Division

“The most challenging part of my job is sifting through all the information that is constantly bombarding the market to try to identify what is really fundamental or game-changing. You have to be open to accepting when an idea is not working or when a successful idea has run its course, and then trying to identify the next strategy to play out.”
—Sarah, Associate, Global Investment Research

“As a lot of transactions our business clients partake in are time-sensitive, issues they may experience with their technology systems have to be resolved as soon as they occur. We ensure that our client-facing support teams have efficient tools and processes to effectively and timely resolve client issues as they occur."
—Nonso, Associate, Technology