Partnership with Teach First—Creating a New Generation of Leaders

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At our recent Future Leaders seminar, students had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and learn more about opportunities with our firm and the UK’s Teach First organization.

Creating a New Generation of Leaders

Teach First is a UK charity that gives exceptional graduates the opportunity to teach, inspire and change the lives of students in challenging circumstances. Its goal is to create a group of leaders who can raise pupils’ achievement levels and help break the link between low family income and poor educational attainment.

That kind of hands-on, transformational leadership is something we look for in our own people, which is why our firm has been working with Teach First over the past year in a number of different ways, including co-hosting events at various universities and inviting Teach First graduates into Goldman Sachs for summer project internships.

We recently co-sponsored a Future Leaders seminar in our London offices, providing 200 students with leadership skills training and overviews of the available career opportunities with both organizations.

It was an exciting event for us, and the seminar participants. Goldman Sachs’ head of Europe, Middle East, Africa and India graduate recruiting stated, “we are thrilled to be in partnership with Teach First. Not only has Teach First achieved so much in an area we as a firm feel strongly about, the importance of excellent education, we also believe that the skills gained in teaching in challenging environments such as effective communication, collaboration and teamwork and of course leadership are all key skills that make someone successful at Goldman Sachs”

Feedback from participants suggested they got a lot out of it as well. “Fantastic event with a great amount of insight into both organisations. Great opportunity for networking with GS employees, Teach First ambassadors and talented individuals from across the UK.” said one participant.