Campus Recruiting

Human Capital Management Division, Bengaluru

“I’ll never forget the warm welcome I got when I joined the firm as a full-time employee two years after my initial internship.”

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Bengaluru University
Master’s Degree in Finance


Traveling and trying new cuisines

I remember my first day at Goldman Sachs like it was yesterday. I was an intern in the Operations Division on the Asset Management Operations team. There were about 50 of us from colleges all over India joining that day, and I can remember feeling how the room was full of energy and excitement.

I’m a firm believer in taking calculated risks. I completed a degree in finance because I was fascinated by the industry even though I was more artistically inclined at school. I was exposed to Human Capital Management (HCM) through my internship in the Operations Division. That year my interest was heightened in human resources so I got involved with extracurricular activities that would help me learn more about that area of corporate work. After graduating I accepted a full-time role in human resources at another firm, and came back to Goldman Sachs two years later.

As a recruiter, my favorite experience is visiting campuses and interacting with hundreds of students. No one campus experience is similar to the previous, and it’s exciting to meet the future of our company and talk to them about what a great place this is to build a career.

I get to travel a lot for work. From July through January I’m on the move almost weekly. I enjoy trying the local food in the different cities I visit as well. In the future I’d love to see more of the places where we do business, particularly Europe and Australia.

My advice to students seeking a career at Goldman Sachs is to have a good attitude, a lot of drive and a healthy dose of intellectual curiosity. I encourage them to continually try to grow in their jobs throughout their careers and by doing this people will notice their initiative. When recruiters and professionals share tips like these at the campus presentations and informal networking sessions we host, students have a better sense of how to do well at Goldman Sachs

There is nowhere quite like Goldman Sachs. Everyone’s respectful and friendly. Your team ends up being like a second family. I’ll never forget the warm welcome I got when I joined the firm as a full-time employee two years after my initial internship. They couldn’t have been more supportive.