Korea Advisory

Investment Banking Division, Seoul

Joined GS



Seoul, Korea


Seoul National University, Seoul
Business Administration


Watching baseball

I was born in Korea but my family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia when I was five. I moved back to Seoul for college where I attended Seoul National University and I majored in business administration.

I was always interested in finance and have had considerable exposure to it from members of my family who have worked in the financial services industry. In college, I had the opportunity to join a business club where I was exposed to skills such as modeling, valuation and other investment banking techniques.

I was focused on a career in investment banking and interviewed with a number of companies prior to joining Goldman Sachs. I felt the interview process was useful preparation for interviewing here. The significant difference was the people whom I interviewed with, and I could not help to notice how nice the Goldman Sachs people were. I did a summer internship in 2013 and joined in March 2014.

I was quite amazed at how much responsibility I was given even as an intern. That was real motivation for me.  Even as an intern, I felt I was actually a part of Goldman Sachs already, as I had significant participation in the deals I was working on. You communicate a lot - not just with the associates, but also the VPs and MDs. I found it quite intriguing how there was so much interaction among all levels of Goldman Sachs people.

As a summer intern I attended a training program in Hong Kong. This experience gave me a good picture of how Goldman Sachs is a globally networked firm. And I was amazed by the infrastructure and how everything is so connected; the network between people and different offices is really tight.

I work mostly with local clients here in Korea, but in addition - such as with cross border transactions - I coordinate efforts with deal team members across different regions. I learned to appreciate other peoples’ views because of the diverse perspective Goldman Sachs people bring to finding solutions. Working with different analysts in different regions gives me the option to, first, gain new perspectives, and second, expand my connections. My day to day responsibilities include performing valuation analysis using various methodologies, building detailed financial models under various operating scenarios, and preparing marketing materials as sell-side advisory.

Even as an analyst - and it hasn’t even been one year since I joined - I’m already meeting clients face to face. Having the access to attend meetings and listen to the discussion – how senior people communicate with clients is incredibly valuable.

If I were to provide advice to someone interested in investment banking, I would tell them to find out as much as possible about the type of skills needed and the type of work that you will be doing to make sure it is the right fit. What will motivate you? What do you wish to accomplish? Ultimately, why investment banking? The advice I’d give is, proactively network with people who have experience in investment banking so that you gain a good understanding of the job.

I like watching baseball. Baseball’s quite big in Korea and I like going to baseball games. Other than that I like going to music concerts with my friends.