Meet Lauren, an associate in the Realty Management Division at our Irving office.  She discusses working in the real estate business and how much she enjoys seeing projects get built.

My Dad has always been in the construction business and I grew up stopping by job sites with my Dad and seeing the hard hat in his trunk all the time and I think it instilled in me, whether I knew it or not, from a young age, that concept of seeing something get built, knowing that you played a role in it and having that sense of satisfaction when you walk past that building once its complete.

I’m Lauren, I’m an associate in the Realty Management Division at Goldman Sachs.

The Realty Management Division is based in Dallas, but we also work with teams in other cities. We focus on debt and equity transactions in anything related to real estate.

When any of the divisions within the firm are investing in real estate, or they have a mandate to invest in real estate, in some way, shape or form, the Realty Management Division is involved in the process. We do the sourcing, we can do the asset management, the business-planning process and really manage the entire life of an investment.

When I look back over the six years I’ve been at the firm, I’ve seen every product type. I’ve done small deals, big deals and I think there are very few firms out there where you have that wide array of opportunity to be able to see and work on so many different things. One of the great things about working in real estate is you can actually go out and see the building that you are talking about buying and then watch it actually get built and see the finished product. It really helps balance the tightly analytical side that we spend so much time on and that people probably think the most about.

I really enjoy what I’m doing every day and I don’t have that, “Ugh, I have to go to work today” mentality. My Dad likes the pictures of me in hard hats that I’ve sent to him, so those go over well.