Environmental Markets Group

Executive Office Division, New York

“I spend a lot of my time looking at ways Goldman Sachs can catalyze new environmental markets.”

Joined GS



Larchmont, New York


Princeton University
Major in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (Public Policy major, with a focus on Economics and Psychology); Minors in Sustainable Energy and Environmental Studies


Cooking; Fencing; Traveling

My interest in the environment started early on. In high school, I co-founded a sustainability initiative—our first project was making a case for the school to change its light bulbs to save on energy bills. We also evaluated installing solar panels on one of the buildings, which ended up being one of the largest solar projects in the Bronx at the time. This extracurricular work really drove my thinking about economics as the key to creating environmental impact.

After my first year of college, I interned in Washington, D.C. on policy issues for the auto industry and analyzed topics from an economic and environmental perspective. During the following two summers, I was an intern at a private equity firm and then at a think tank where I focused on the intersection of capital flows and sustainability. I knew that I wanted to have a career where I could pursue my interests in environmental issues within the private sector and set out to find a place where I could make an impact.

In my role within the firm's Environmental Markets Group, I spend a lot of my time looking at ways Goldman Sachs can catalyze new environmental markets. My team oversees the firm’s environmental strategy and policy, and is responsible for managing environmental risks.  One of the major projects I have worked on was an update to the Environmental Policy Framework in 2015, in which we expanded our initial clean energy target from $40 billion to $150 billion by 2025. 

As a leader in environmental issues, Goldman Sachs recognizes that focusing on the environment is also good business—and a critical role the firm plays is financing and investing in the scale-up of clean energy. We recently completed the firm’s first-ever Clean Energy Impact Report. Goldman Sachs has deployed $41 billion in capital to the clean energy sector since 2012 and the report shows the impact of that capital in helping our clients while also having a positive environmental and societal impact. It highlights how much renewable energy generation we have helped facilitate through our financings and investments; how many million metric tons of greenhouse gases these clean energy technologies will avoid; and how many jobs have been created by the clients we have served.

Over the course of my day, I interact with colleagues across the firm who all work, in some way, on environmental market opportunities. An example is working with a banking team on a discussion regarding issuing green bonds with a client. With so many new developments in the field, I’m constantly learning new things and sharing my findings with teams across Goldman Sachs, as well as with external stakeholders.

Back in college, my sport was fencing. During my junior year, our team won the NCAA national championship. People like to call fencing “physical chess,” as there is an intense mental aspect to planning and executing in addition to the physical aspect. I hung up the towel after my senior year, but I’m excited that I’m getting back into it now despite the challenges of having to face opponents who are former or future Olympians!

While the firm is already carbon neutral, I try to make an impact outside of work as well. I set up interconnected LED lights at my apartment and can turn them on by voice command when I walk in. They are programmed at midnight to dim and eventually go off—reminding me to go to sleep. I also signed up for electricity produced by renewable energy for my apartment. Every New Yorker has this option—I think it’s a great step people can take in support of the field.

I love cooking and enjoy setting aside one night a week to prepare a special meal. It’s relaxing and fun. One of my favorite dishes to make is a variation on shrimp paella.