Mergers Leadership Group

Investment Banking Division, New York

“They were all passionate about their jobs and were happy to reply to any questions I had. I knew I wanted to be part of a firm that had employees like that.”


I majored in International Affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. My studies helped me improve my ability to interact meaningfully and successfully with a vast array of personalities from different cultural backgrounds. They also helped me to utilize and summarize large quantities of data in order to grasp the bigger picture.

The Interview Process

What really drew me to the firm during the application process was how engaged all the employees involved in recruiting were. They were all passionate about their jobs and were happy to reply to any questions I had. I knew I wanted to be part of a firm that had employees like that.

Getting Started at Goldman Sachs

My first impression coming into the firm was how everyone was so accessible and friendly. Everyone I met the first day, no matter how senior, made it a point to introduce and make themselves available so that I could get a better grasp of the group from the start.

Career Development

When I joined the firm, I received the industry-specific training that all new analysts get. More importantly, I’ve supplemented it periodically with different courses from Goldman Sachs University. As employees, we have hundreds of online courses and in-person classes available at all times. There are technical and professional development courses that have helped me to better navigate the firm.


Teamwork at Goldman means getting the help you need whenever you need it. The support system available to an analyst is impressive; you know that you have the support of fellow analysts, just as you have the support of more senior members of the firm. I think everyone understands that as a team, our performance will be better, so everyone is willing to help. This collaborative environment then helps the final work product, which ultimately allows us to better achieve our ultimate goal: to best serve our clients.

Affinity Networks

I belong to the Firmwide Hispanic/Latin Network and am also the secretary of its Steering Committee. The group has been an invaluable source of support, as it has been a platform for interacting with senior members of the firm that I would not have otherwise met. I feel I can use the network to learn about other areas of the firm, and if I contact anyone, they will be more than happy to discuss their roles with me.

Giving Back

Goldman Sachs offers great programs like Community TeamWorks, which have enabled me to get involved with the New York community through partnering with non-profits in the area. In my first year at the firm, I organized a day with Grameen America, a group that provides micro-loans to low-income entrepreneurs; this year, I partnered with the Five Boroughs Foundation of Photography, a program that mentors children throughout the city. It is through programs like these, that with the full support of the firm, I can stay involved and contribute to my community.