Gap-Year Programs

In this one-year rigorous program, you will learn economies and markets first-hand. You’ll also get hands-on experience in financial information technologies that will prepare you for a career in Global Investment Research.

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Who Can Apply

This program is intended for students finishing up their penultimate year, going into their final year of study. You must have approval from your university to participate in a gap-year program. We’re looking for students with a high degree of literacy in Excel; knowledge in the use of external databases, e.g. Bloomberg, CEIC, DataStream, FactSet, Haver, and Reuters. Program writing in VBA or experience using quantitative statistical packages such as SAS, EViews, MatLab, S-Plus is a plus.

Application Deadline

Applications are on ad hoc basis, usually around end of year and summer.

About the Program

This is a one-year program in our Global Investment Research division where you will gain broad knowledge on economies and markets, obtain skills on data researching and critical analysis, as well as get hand-on experience in financial information technologies.

How to Apply

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  • Select position ‘Other Internships and Work Placements’
  • Select program ‘Gap Year Internship’
  • Complete application details and submit
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Important: You must specify all your location/division preferences at the time of application submission. If applying to programs in multiple regions, please submit your application by the earliest program deadline date to be considered. Once you have submitted your application you do not have the ability to edit your preferences, you can only go back to edit your personal contact information.

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