Compensation and Benefits
Compensation and Benefits

In our industry, the demands on you can be high, but the satisfaction and challenge of working alongside bright people on challenging projects offer the prospect of a truly rewarding career.

Below are some of the financial benefits of working and succeeding at Goldman Sachs.



Your compensation will be reviewed annually and may consist of the following:

  • Salary
  • Discretionary compensation
  • Certain local allowances, where applicable

Compensation is determined by a number of factors, including the firm’s performance, divisional performance and the employee's individual performance.

We spend a great deal of time ensuring that people are compensated appropriately and we aim to provide highly competitive pay levels over the long term.

Equity Award Program

The purpose of the firm’s equity program is to attract, retain and motivate employees; to compensate them for their contributions to the long-term growth and profits of the firm; and to encourage them to acquire a proprietary interest in the success of Goldman Sachs.

Employees who meet eligibility requirements receive equity-based awards, and thousands of current and former employees hold shares in the firm.

Wealth Creation Opportunities and Special Investments

The firm looks to offer additional wealth-creation opportunities, including the Employee Special Investment Program, which offers Goldman Sachs funds to eligible employees who are qualified investors.

Health Care, Insurance and Other Benefits

Goldman Sachs provides a variety of benefits that vary by region but generally include the following features:

  • Health care: a choice of medical plans, as well as prescription drug, vision and dental care plans
  • Insurance: life, disability and sickness, and business travel accident insurance plans
  • Holiday and vacation policies: a competitive offering of holidays and vacation time, generally based on employee status and years of service


The firm offers a variety of retirement and financial plans that differ by region and are designed to allow employees to build a strategy for meeting their personal long-term financial objectives.


The Goldman Sachs Wellness Exchange provides an integrated suite of services designed to support your personal health and well-being and to help you manage your personal and family responsibilities.

While specific services may vary by location/region, core offerings generally include:

Supporting Your Health and Well-Being

  • On-site health centers with access to medical professional
  • On-site fitness centers or off-site fitness subsidies
  • Referrals to medical professionals
  • Patient advocacy and critical health solutions assistance
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Travel resources and immunizations
  • Ergonomic work station evaluations
  • Recreational activities/events (outings, runs/walks, team clubs and leagues)

Managing Your Personal and Family Responsibilities

  • Child care resources—including backup child care at on-site and near-site centers—and referral programs
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Generous leave-of-absence policies (marriage/domestic partner leave, maternity leave, parenting leave, adoption leave, public service program leave, etc.)
  • Counseling and referral programs
  • Adoption assistance
  • Resources for expectant and new parents
  • Maternity Mentoring Program
  • Seminars, Wellness fairs, newsletters and resource libraries

Other Employee Offerings

In addition to our core compensation and benefits offerings, the firm offers a variety of other employee services and discounts.

While offers vary by region, provisions can include:

  • Matching Gift Program: The firm will match donations, up to a total of $20,000 or equivalent per employee, on a one-to-one basis to eligible institutions and organizations
  • Education, tuition reimbursement, preparatory courses and exams, and scholarships and fellowships
  • Employee discounts and services program: online discounts, household services, insurance and other special offers provided by outside vendors
  • Discounted banking, loans, and mortgages
  • Employee Investing Services: investment education, portfolio allocation services and trading execution for employees
  • Reimbursement for meals and travel beyond normal business hours