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Goldman Sachs offers many opportunities to make an impact. Use this quiz as a starting point to learn more about our divisions and find the ones that best suit you.

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Answer a few questions — all multiple choice with no wrong answers. The questions will ask you about your educational background, as well as how you approach challenges and solve problems. You will not need to provide your name.*

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Based on your answers, we'll suggest a short list of Goldman Sachs divisions that may suit your skills and interests. Not satisfied with the results? You can always go back and refine your responses. (This quiz is designed to help you explore our many career opportunities — you're invited to apply to any of our divisions.)

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Along the way, we'll give you opportunities to learn more about our firm, our people and the work we do for our clients — for individuals, businesses, communities, and institutions worldwide. You can explore these and continue with your answers at any time, and even share your results with your friends.

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