Comprises diverse businesses directly related to our corporate strategy, culture and brand

Our Executive Office comprises diverse businesses directly related to our corporate strategy, culture and brand. It includes corporate communications (internal communications, media relations and brand marketing), investor relations, government affairs and the office of corporate engagement. Our stakeholders include employees, shareholders, the media, policy makers, alumni and the general public.

Who We Look For

We look for creative people from all academic backgrounds with strong spoken and written communication skills and who are comfortable working in a complex and fast-paced environment, on a wide range of issues.

How We’re Organized

The Executive Office is divided into the following groups:

  • Internal Communications keeps our people connected to the firm and each other, using a variety of channels to distribute Goldman Sachs news, our viewpoints on the global markets information about our businesses and communications and announcements from senior management.

  • Media Relations manages our firm’s contacts with the media and works with individual business units to address their strategic communication needs.

  • The Brand and Content Strategy Group is focused on the firm’s broader external communication efforts, including corporate advertising, the firm’s public website, the annual report, market research, social media, brand management, and marketing efforts for internal clients such as recruitment and corporate engagement.

  • Investor Relations is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with current and potential shareholders of the firm, as well as equity research analysts covering our stock. In addition, the group communicates the firm's strategy and performance to these constituencies, ensures that the firm's discussions with investors and analysts are appropriate from a disclosure perspective, and assists in the firm's formal disclosure processes such as quarterly earnings and transaction announcements.

  • Government Affairs represents the firm’s public policy views, promotes constructive relationships with governments and regulators and serves as a source of information about public policy.

  • The Office of Corporate Engagement drives our firm’s philanthropic initiatives, including The Goldman Sachs Foundation, community partnerships, charitable giving, employee volunteerism and our 10,000 Women, 10,000 Small Businesses, and Goldman Sachs Gives programs.

  • The Environmental Markets Group oversees the firm’s environmental policy framework and provides guidance to clients and our business areas on environmental issues, develops training and resources, and engages with a variety of stakeholders to inform and strengthen Goldman Sachs’ environmental efforts.