Global Investment Research [3:54]

Global Investment Research (GIR) delivers client-focused research in the equity, fixed income, currency and commodities markets.

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GIR analysts help the firm’s investing clients achieve superior returns through differentiated investment insights and ideas. Our clients include mutual funds, hedge funds and pension funds, among others.

Who We Look For

Research analysts at Goldman Sachs are intellectually curious, creative and analytical. In addition to being passionate about the markets and interested in the research process, analysts possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

How We’re Organized

Global Investment Research is organized into six groups:

Equity Research analysts analyze macro, sector and company fundamentals to identify investment opportunities for the stocks we cover globally.

Credit Research analysts make investment recommendations for the corporate debt and credit derivatives of issuers in various sectors.

Economics Research analysts formulate macroeconomic forecasts for economic activity, foreign exchange rates and interest rates.

Portfolio Strategy Research analysts formulate equity market views, forecasts and recommendations on both asset and industry sector allocations for every major equity market.

Commodities Research analysts analyze market fundamentals to formulate forecasts for commodities in five main areas: oil, natural gas, base metals, precious metals and agriculture.

The Global Markets Institute is the public policy arm of Goldman Sachs, providing research and high-level advisory services to policymakers, regulators and investors around the world.


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