Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management division offers internships ranging from a few weeks to a year. All our interns have the opportunity to see first hand how the division is structured, and how it fits within the organization.

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What You Would Be Doing

As an intern you will be placed with one of our specialist HCM teams. Each team has an area of focus within the organization, from the ‘Generalists’ who work to address specific divisional needs, to the ‘Talent Assessment Team’ who coordinates the firm’s annual performance.

Regardless of your specialization, you will work with your team to solve real business problems with your internal clients.

During the internship program you will receive both formal and informal training. You will develop analytical and broad human resources skills while also receiving more specific training suited to your HCM functional alignment.

“My summer internship has given me the opportunity to learn about my HCM function as well as expand my network across the firm in many different divisions, which has allowed me to grasp what Goldman Sachs does from all sides of the business.”

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