Investment Management

New analysts in the Investment Management Division attend a global orientation that is designed to provide a quantitative and qualitative foundation necessary for the role.

The program is to help new analysts understand the investment management industry, and Goldman Sachs' approach to it, while providing an overview of the firm and our products. The program also provides opportunities to interact with peers and to establish a network of contacts throughout the division. Training for Private Wealth Management and Asset Management is conducted together to provide incoming analysts with exposure to both businesses.

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Analyst Orientation

As a new analyst, you will participate in a six-week accelerated introduction to fundamental investment management concepts, products and markets. You will gain a working understanding of the investment process, foundational techniques needed for analyzing market and company performance and in-depth training on financial, technical and professional subjects specific to your role. Most important, you will acquire an overview of the division and our approach to business.

Exams and group projects are conducted throughout the program to assess your comprehension of fundamental topics covered. The program will make it possible for you to establish a valuable network of contacts throughout the division globally.

Initial Years

After this initial training period, you will begin work as an analyst in a particular group. As an investment management professional, your responsibilities might include support of the following:

  • Developing and managing customized investment portfolios and discretionary funds for institutions, corporations, governments, foundations and individuals

  • Designing and managing families of mutual funds

  • Building and maintaining lasting relationships with institutional and high net worth individual investors and their consultants

  • Managing relationships with investors and providing a full range of reporting and accounting services

  • Working closely with professionals in other divisions of Goldman Sachs to develop new client relationships and to create new products

Ongoing training and development are integral to the new analyst experience and provide you with support every step along the way.