Investment Management

New associates that join the Investment Management Division have a graduate degree or several years of work experience.

New associates attend a global orientation designed to provide the quantitative and qualitative foundation necessary to understand the investment management industry, and Goldman Sachs' approach to it, while giving an overview of the firm and our products. The program also provides opportunities to interact with your peers and to establish a network of contacts throughout the division.

Associate Orientation and Private Wealth Management Training

Training for Private Wealth Management and Asset Management is conducted together for the first week to provide incoming associates with exposure to both businesses. During this time, associates receive foundational business and professional skills training, including overviews of product areas and investment philosophies.

Training specific to Private Wealth Management continues for an additional two months. New Private Wealth Advisors receive extensive preparation to equip them with market and product knowledge as well as the communication and consultative client engagement skills needed to succeed in their new roles. Coaches from their home office are assigned to provide personalized learning and feedback.

Group and individual projects and simulations are conducted throughout the program to further develop comprehension of fundamental topics. New Private Wealth Advisors are asked to compile a formal business plan at the conclusion of the program. Training is intellectually demanding and includes a strong networking aspect to help participants start on the road to building global contacts. 

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