Your career in Goldman Sachs Operations will begin with our innovative Analyst Program. Our Analyst Program is designed for you to gain the building blocks to promote your growth as an Operations analyst.

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You will work with and be exposed to senior Operations professionals who will help guide your development. These professionals will provide on-the-job experiences that will supplement your formal training.

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The Analyst Program allows you to play a vital and influential role in delivering the division’s business management capabilities to the wider firm, and in maintaining the firm’s market-leading position and reputation. You will join a close-knit and highly professional team in one of our many departments where you will soon take on responsibility and begin impacting the business of the firm and our clients. A typical Operations analyst role may include:

  • Processing, controlling, confirming and settling the firms and client's transactions to a high quality standard

  • Researching and troubleshooting problems within the area of expertise

  • Documenting process flows and creating procedure manuals for the functions performed

  • Contributing to the development of re-engineering methods to improve processes, reduce risks, increase controls and/or increase customer satisfaction

  • Sharing knowledge of processes and systems with new analysts

  • Assisting with client service initiatives for firm's clients

As an analyst joining Goldman Sachs Operations you will have the opportunity to join the firm at different times in your first year: the winter or the summer. You will partner with your recruiter to determine which start date is appropriate for you to commence your career with the firm.


Your career in Goldman Sachs Operations will begin with our Analyst Program. The Analyst Program kicks off with the Global Analyst Orientation program geared to provide a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and relationship building opportunities. The program includes three components:

Firmwide Analyst Orientation: Provides an overview of the financial services industry and Goldman Sachs as a firm, including our organizational structure, business principles and culture.

Operations Orientation: Provides an overview of Operations and the division’s impact on the firm’s businesses through a mix of presentations, team exercises, interactive case studies and experiential learning. It focuses on the following Operations Pillars of Excellence, which are critical to success as an Operations analyst:

  • Products and Markets

  • Risk Management

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Leadership and Professionalism

Business Unit Orientation: Each Operations Business Unit conducts a structured training program providing business unit specific skills and knowledge, such as functional, product and client overviews.

Initial Years

Following the Global Analyst Orientation program, new analysts participate in continuing education, formal mentoring and networking events, and receive ongoing exposure to multiple disciplines through targeted developmental assignments. New analysts are exposed to senior Operations professionals who will help guide them in their development. These professionals will provide on-the-job experiences that will supplement the formal training and provide the building blocks to promote career growth as a new analyst in Operations.

Continuing Education and Networking

As part of the Analyst Program, you will be required to participate in cross-Operations and business unit specific training aiming to provide continuous learning about Operations and the firm. Examples of the curriculum include:

  • Capital Market Fundamentals

  • Operations Risk and Control Principles

  • Leadership and Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Mentoring

There are various formal and informal mentoring opportunities once you start at the firm. You will be assigned a department-based mentor (buddy) to assist with your initial integration into the firm and Operations division. You will participate, along with a cohort of other analysts, in a mentoring group led by a tenured Operations professional (peer mentor). Your peer mentor will give you ongoing professional guidance.

Developmental Experiences

Throughout the Analyst Program, analysts will be provided with on-going developmental assignments and exposure to multiple disciplines which supplement day-to-day responsibilities.

On-going Feedback and Personal Development Planning

Formal feedback: Analysts will be formally evaluated as part of the firm's annual 360-degree Performance Review Process, which includes a self assessment as well as input from peers, managers and internal business partners.

Informal feedback: Throughout the year, analysts are encouraged to solicit and can receive informal feedback from their managers and mentors.

Personal Development Planning: another tool that can be used to formalize career goals and developmental opportunities, based on formal and informal feedback and individual interests.

Career Growth

Our Analyst Program is designed to give you a foundation for a long-term career at Goldman Sachs. After three years in the program you will progress to either a technical specialist role or a team leader role. Your career can evolve between the different career paths over time.

As you progress in your career and are given expanded responsibilities, experiences and exposure, the extent to which you will have the opportunity to demonstrate the Operations Pillars of Excellence will directly influence your career growth. Our Operations Pillars of Excellence are :

Products and Markets

  • Develop your understanding of the financial services industry and the firm's business activities.

  • Influence and respond to market and product changes.

  • opportunities for process improvements and develop methods to reduce risks, enhance controls and increase customer satisfaction.

Risk Management

  • Process, control, confirm and settle the firm's and our clients' transactions.

  • Create process flows and create procedures for the functions performed.

  • Develop methods to reduce risks, increase controls and increase client satisfaction.

  • Identify anomalies in the firm's books and records, tracking down their origin and resolving the underlying issues.

Client Relationship Management

  • Build positive working relationships with your business partners to enhance the client experience.

  • Demonstrate commitment to providing effective client service by seeking to understand clients' requirements and addressing their concerns.

  • Maintain and enhance our client relationships by providing proactive, high-quality client service – making it easy and preferable for clients to transact business with Goldman Sachs.

Leadership and Professionalism

  • Work independently to research and troubleshoot problems within assigned department.

  • Improve and/or automate our processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Lead projects and manage teams relating to the launch of new products, the opening of new offices and wider business matters, such as recruitment and training.

Ultimately, Operations professionals can progress to some of the most senior levels in the firm and play a vital and influential role in steering the direction of the firm and the way its services are delivered around the world.