This is your opportunity to gain valuable work experience and insight into our business, while developing and demonstrating your skills in the financial industry.

We welcome candidates from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. If you are interested in the financial markets, have a strong academic performance and professional drive, we encourage you to apply, regardless of your discipline or major.

We look for individuals who can balance competition and team work, have intensity and integrity, intellectual curiosity, leadership potential and a passion for excellence. In return, we can offer you an internship with real responsibility, outstanding training and the chance to learn from the best.

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Summer Internships

Candidates currently pursuing a college or university degree may apply for a summer analyst internship. If you are currently pursuing an MBA or advanced degree and have a number of years work experience, we invite you to apply for a summer associate internship.

Summer analysts receive a comprehensive professional and educational experience, in a dynamic and team-oriented environment. Regardless of the department you join, you will be given real responsibilities, allowing you to explore what it would be like to hold a full-time position at Goldman Sachs. The internship program runs for approximately 10 weeks and located in all of our principal geographic locations.

Other Internships

In addition to traditional summer programs, we offer unique internship opportunities that vary by division and region. Refer to Intern Positions for information.