If you are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, you can apply for a summer analyst internship. MBA and advanced degree candidates can apply for a summer associate internship.

Summer Internships

Our summer program in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and Asia excluding Japan begins with one to two weeks of training about the group and the internship process. You’ll then have desk rotations, taking on responsibilities such as creating client solicitation materials, updating client lists, creating transaction proposals, structuring, pricing, marketing, financing and more.

The program includes presentations, panels, and lunches or dinners hosted by senior managers. Students will have the opportunity to participate in small group assignments that involve research, presentations and networking. Participants will also enjoy a day of volunteering with Community TeamWorks as well as a wide array of networking events. There will be a strong mentoring component as well as an opportunity to receive both ongoing informal and formal feedback.

Other Internships

In addition to our traditional summer programs, we offer a limited number of unique internship opportunities that vary by division and region.

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