Corporate Services and Real Estate offers a unique analyst program for college, university and advanced-degree graduates. It includes a robust training curriculum, opportunities for mobility and a strong emphasis on career growth.

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The Office of Global Security has occasional opportunities for newly graduated analysts but more typically is seeking graduates with a few years of relevant experience.

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Corporate Services and Real Estate offers a full time analyst program for college and university graduates. New analysts are placed within our core business areas, where they build a strong foundation in commercial management and strategy. They take part in a global training program that focuses on what it takes to succeed and on the Goldman Sachs culture, as well as technical skills to be used in their new roles.

New analysts quickly become essential members of the team, with their own responsibilities and project assignments. Within the first several weeks of employment, each analyst is matched with a mentor based on career goals and developmental needs, as well as a former analyst for day-to-day support.

Additional learning opportunities are also available throughout an analyst’s career at Goldman Sachs. These opportunities take the form of online learning modules, instructor-led training courses, job shadowing and mentoring.

The Office of Global Security (OGS) typically hires graduates with a few years relevant experience. Language skills can also be important, as the OGS mission is genuinely global.

OGS analysts participate in firmwide training programs focused on core skills development, knowledge building of the firm’s businesses and firm culture. Through direct participation in operational support activities, analysts learn about OGS including the diverse security threats posed to Goldman Sachs business operations around the globe and corresponding mitigation strategies.

Every opportunity is given to OGS analysts to develop the skills and experience to graduate over time to positions of increasing responsibility.