Whether you are a current student, recent graduate or experienced professional, we can offer a wide variety of opportunities to match your experience, skills and interests.

Here are just a few examples of the types of roles in our Engineering Organization:


As a Business Software Engineer, you will be aligned to one of the firm’s major lines of business, responsible for developing technical solutions for our financial professionals and external clients; for instance, creating high volume, web-based trade processing architecture or developing software applications for the firm's various advisory and e-commerce initiatives. Candidates for this role will have the desire and ability to write high-quality, thoughtful code; creativity coupled with excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities; strong communication skills and an interest in financial markets. 


As a Platform Engineer, you will develop and maintain the technology infrastructure and core frameworks that drive our businesses. Whether as an application developer or system engineer, you will apply your technical skills and problem-solving abilities to a range of complex problems in such critical areas as cloud computing; machine learning and big data; application platforms; data center products; end user and workplace solutions; developer tools and practices; and enterprise architectures. Candidates for this role will have strong technical, collaborative and problem-solving abilities. 


As a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for detecting, managing and mitigating a range of risks in the firm's operating environment, developing analytical models to identify risks; remediating at-risk applications and components; implementing standard software-development practices and test frameworks; managing the operational risk of production environments and implementing controls to reduce risks associated with information security, system capacity and vendor products.

At Goldman Sachs, we recognize that learning is a competitive advantage, and we are committed to helping our people reach the peak of their capabilities.


Analysts start by attending an extensive training program. Although technical skills will serve as the foundation for their careers, their individual success and, in turn, the success of the firm also depends on their analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. They will be offered ongoing training and support to prepare them for the tremendous career opportunities available at Goldman Sachs.


Our commitment to the career development of our people runs deep. During their first year with the firm, analysts receive ongoing training based on their specific skill needs and interests. This program is designed to bolster professional development through learning in the workplace.


Our Career Development Program is a continuous process. Its purpose is to help analysts and their managers align the analyst’s development and career goals with those of the firm. From classroom training and professional journals to computer-based training and offsite courses that target specific technical skills, we offer the tools and resources our analysts need to stay ahead of technological advances at every stage of their careers.

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The term 'engineer' referenced in this section is neither a licensed engineer nor an individual offering engineering services to the general public under applicable law.