Infrastructure Engineer / Systems Professional

Infrastructure Engineers and Systems Professionals provide expertise in requirements definition, engineering, operations and information security across various technologies, such as networking, computing, storage, telephony, market data, structured cabling and multimedia.

Goldman Sachs’ infrastructure is managed by the global Technology Infrastructure group. The group focuses on these primary areas: Global Services, Business and Applications Solutions, Core and Franchise Infrastructure, and Technology Risk.

The group operates the firm's global infrastructure by designing resilient, competitive, affordable and recoverable proprietary technologies. It also partners with application development, engaging directly with the business to ensure that requirements are understood, usage patterns are analyzed and technology is leveraged to enhance communications, collaboration and productivity firmwide.

Some of the communication protocols and cabling standards we work with include: TCP/IP, iSCSI, InfiniBand, FCIP, NFS, SONET, WiFi, WiMAX, Twisted Pair, Ethernet, 802.11 and Category 6(a-e). Some technologies you may work with include: IP-based multi-channel contact centers, speech recognition and voice verification, VOIP, Wireless Voice, Trader Voice, Video over IP, NAC, App Messaging, disk arrays, dual core CPUs and blade servers. Some languages you may work with include: Java, C++, C#, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, XML, VB, and SQL.


Infrastructure Engineers and Systems Analysts start by attending an extensive training program. Although technical skills will serve as the foundation for their careers, their individual success and, in turn, the success of the firm also depends on their analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. They will be offered ongoing training and support to prepare them for the tremendous career opportunities available at Goldman Sachs.

Initial Years

Our commitment to the career development of our people runs deep. During the first year with the firm, Infrastructure Engineers and Systems Analysts receive ongoing training based on their specific skill needs and interests. This program is designed to bolster their professional development through workplace learning.

Career Growth

Our Career Development Program is a continuous process. Its purpose is to help Infrastructure Engineers and Systems Analysts and their managers to align development and career goals with those of the firm. From classroom work and professional journals to computer-based training and offsite courses covering specific technical skills, we offer the tools and resources needed to stay ahead of the technological curve at all career stages.