Technology Analyst

New Technology Analysts attend a global eight-week training program designed by Goldman Sachs University that familiarizes them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become an integral member of the technology team.

The program each new analyst joins is tailored to either the application development role or the systems professional role. Both programs are demanding and test intellectual capabilities and stamina. Training includes:

  • An introduction to Goldman Sachs: our history, divisions and culture

  • Technical and business training

  • Networking and social events

  • A 360-degree peer review process

Initial Years

During their first year with the firm, analysts receive ongoing training based on their specific skill needs and interests. This program is designed to bolster professional development through learning in the workplace.

Career Growth

Our Career Development Program is a continuous process. Its purpose is to help analysts and their managers align the analyst’s development and career goals with those of the firm. From classroom training and professional journals to computer-based training and offsite courses that target specific technical skills, we offer the tools and resources our analysts need to stay ahead of technological advances at every stage of their careers.