Beauty Executive Director/Vice President, Internal Audit Internal Audit Department, Tokyo

I learn something new every day here, which is one of my favorite aspects of my role. It is also very rewarding to improve processes in other departments.

My Work

I work in the Internal Audit department which provides independent assurance on controls to reduce the firm’s risks. We work with senior leaders to develop ways to commercially manage these risks and to minimize potential damage to the firm that could arise.

I work as part of a team that completes regional and global audit projects. As a department, we need to understand the risks and controls existing within the firm as well as the particular business we are auditing whether it is trading, marketing, research, investment management, technology or others. We do this by leveraging existing knowledge in our department, and by using information that we gain from internal clients and team members conducting similar audits in other regions.

I learn something new every day here, which is one of my favorite aspects of my role. It is also very rewarding to improve processes in other departments.

My Day

Our work is generally on a three-month project basis. In the past twelve months, I have been involved in many projects dealing with various departments, including operations, compliance, finance, trading and investment banking.

The most challenging part of my job is time management and multi-tasking. We may have about three to four projects running at once so it is crucial to manage our work and time accordingly. It is also important to closely communicate project status to managers, other project team members and audited departments.

When I first joined the firm I received help from my managers, assigned buddy, colleagues and those in the departments we audited. My day is the most rewarding when I am able to return the favour to those needing my assistance, including new joiners, departmental colleagues, and other divisions that need information or guidance from us.

My Path

I came to Goldman Sachs through a recruiting agency. I was working for a public accounting firm and wanted my next career move to be with a reputable securities firm. I was not sure which one until I spoke with Goldman Sachs. After going through several rounds of interviews and being given the opportunity to speak with various professionals at the firm, I knew this was where I wanted to be. It was the people that impressed me the most. I could see how approachable everyone is and the teamwork spirit.

I came to Japan to join the firm which meant there were many things I needed to learn in my first few months, not just about Goldman Sachs but about the industry in Japan. Everyone in the Tokyo office was so helpful in answering the many questions that I had and in showing me how to navigate around the firm. Whether it is through knowledge sharing sessions or team meetings, people really do share information here.


I was always interested in finance and although I started out at a public accounting firm, I wanted to work at a securities firm after gaining experience in the industry. When it was time to transition it was the consistent message regarding the firm’s culture that made me realize I wanted to build my career here at Goldman Sachs.

I would advise others interested in finance to find out exactly who you are and what you want. Really think about whether or not your next move is in the industry you want to be in, the firm you want to be with, and the environment you want to grow yourself in. Find out as much as you can about the people you’re going to spend your working life with. You want to wake up in the morning and look forward to your day ahead at work!