Cloris Executive Director/Vice President, AEJ One Delta Sales Securities Division, Beijing

I think the firm gives opportunities to people who are ready.

My Work

I work in the Securities division of Goldman Sachs, in equity sales, covering Hong Kong and China. My clients are institutional investors for mutual funds in China and hedge funds in Hong Kong. We provide research ideas to our clients and help with our IPOs in HK & A share markets. My greatest responsibility is managing the client relationship.

I think the firm gives opportunities to people who are ready. I have my own clients in Beijing and Shanghai. I have also been given the opportunity to speak with experienced people in the industry on a daily basis.

The most interesting aspect of this job for me is that we’re encouraged to learn as much as we can about other industries. In other jobs, people tend to understand their own industry but are not familiar with other industries. This job provides me with the opportunity to do research on all industries in our sector. It is a job where you can learn new things every day.

My Day

My work is divided between team work and solo work. We work as a team to pick stocks to recommend and discuss the markets. Individually, each person is responsible for taking good care of their clients and bringing in commissions.

Recently, an overseas client told me that she ranked Goldman Sachs number one on her list among all brokers because of our service. This and other examples are what I am really proud of and what our research team should be proud of.

My Path

I joined the firm in 2005 through campus recruiting. I got offers from other firms in the industry but I finally chose to join Goldman Sachs. I was very interested in the opportunity to work with the equity sales team for Hong Kong and China. So far, with all I have learned and how I’ve grown here, it has proved to be a great choice.

I have to admit: When I started here, the first week was tough. I began on the Hong Kong trading floor. If you have ever been on a trading floor, you know how noisy it is. It is very easy to feel the pressure. But I still remember that on my first day in the office, one of my colleagues on the sales team came to speak to me and ask if I needed any help. Because of that, I began to realize how wonderful the team is. After all these years, I still remember what he said and appreciate the kind words he gave me.


When I was in school, I didn’t really imagine that I would be working in financial services. I was still pondering what to do and was thinking of joining an insurance firm since I was studying for an SOA, the certification process given by the Society of Actuaries. One year before graduation, I talked with friends who worked in the industry and found that my passion was actually on the equity side rather than insurance.

If I were to give advice to someone considering a career in finance, I would say: Always be well prepared. Gain knowledge, manage your expectations and be aware of the stress you will be facing. When opportunity comes, make sure you make the right choice. Good luck to you.