David Associate, Credit Risk Management and Advisory Finance division, London

Goldman Sachs is an amazing place to start a career in finance. If you are looking for a challenging, fast-paced environment—one that demands an incredible scope of knowledge and the skills to produce innovative solutions, then this is a great way forward.


While reading a finance degree, I applied for a place in Goldman Sachs’ graduate programme. The firm’s outstanding reputation placed it at the top of my list.

Working in Finance Division

I am a risk specialist, working in the Credit Risk Management and Advisory Department. My responsibilities include counterparty and trade-risk analysis. I provide both product analysis and industry reviews for an extremely diverse portfolio of products, ranging from swaps to originated loans. Working with them allows me to have a very good grasp of the markets and the larger global economy.

Credit always needs to be one step ahead, given the importance of its role in highlighting potential counterparty risks. Our work requires highly independent thinking and analytical skills, and provides a good balance between qualitative and quantitative analysis, which is crucial in developing well-rounded analysts.


Our business principles stress the importance of teamwork, and Credit is at the heart of that. As a part of the due-diligence process, we interact with many different divisions of the firm as well as our clients.

In addition, our department itself is constructed as a network of sub-teams at the product and industry levels. That creates a significant level of inter- and intra-team interaction.


The key for success in the industry is time management. Given the broad range of sub-teams that Credit analysts work on, it is of utmost importance to prioritise turnarounds depending on request urgency assessments.