Dina Executive Director/Vice President, Firmwide Compensation Human Capital Management Division, New York

I can honestly say that coming here was the best decision I ever made.

My Work

I am a member of the Firmwide Compensation department in the Human Capital Management (HCM) division in New York. My responsibilities include supporting various divisions and functional areas by advising on policies, best practices, structures and benchmarking as related to compensation. I also manage the year-end compensation process for Participating Managing Directors (PMDs) and others, such as Advisory Directors. Since our employees and our industry have much vested interest in this regard, it’s extremely interesting for me to be part of the planning and delivering compensation to the entire firm.

HCM leadership makes it a priority to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for internal mobility and professional growth. I’ve been able to spend time in regional offices on short-term assignments several times, and I’m already discussing with my manager potential opportunities for next year.

I can’t do what I do successfully without team work. Of course, there are projects and deliverables that require me to be an individual contributor. However, since compensation can drive so many decisions, it is critical that we collaborate across divisions, with our controllers and legal teams, for example, to ensure that compensation is handled appropriately by every channel.

My Day

I am currently focusing on the year-end compensation process for PMDs and other groups. Working on this process has given me the opportunity to establish relationships with various members of senior management and departments, including tax, legal and controllers.

Managing and making sure that our clients’ interests are covered is the most challenging part of my job. It’s especially challenging to identify the impact of various policy decisions and anticipate what needs to be addressed as a result of any initiative in tight turnaround time. Doing all this can be a daunting task while meeting high expectations from senior management.

Seeing results and knowing that my contributions add value to our function is extremely important to me, and I definitely get that in my current role. Senior leadership in my area does a fantastic job in making sure that good work is rewarded, whether it’s through feedback, recognition through promotions or an increase in responsibilities.

My Path

During my senior year in college I was contacted by a Goldman Sachs recruiter. Prior to accepting a position here, I had interviewed and received offers from companies in other industries. I chose to come here mainly because of the firm’s reputation and the opportunities that the firm offered.

Coming here with some prior internship experience, I noticed immediately the root of Goldman Sachs’ reputation, which I believe to be a strong emphasis on diversity, teamwork, client service and the unique culture.


I had not expected to work at Goldman Sachs, as I had been planning to go into consulting or government ever since my sophomore year in college, but I can honestly say that coming here was the best decision I ever made. I had started in another area of HCM but I’m glad the opportunity was there for me to transition back to compensation, which was something I had learned about and enjoyed ever since my experience as an intern in other firms.

The career advice I have for others looking for a home in the financial industry is about Goldman Sachs in general. It’s no secret that Goldman Sachs is a unique place compared with other firms in the industry. There is a reason for that. If you’re looking to learn and grow in an environment with a plethora of opportunities that will eventually help you become an outstanding professional, this is the place to be.