Eddie Managing Director, Institutional Sales Investment Management division, Hong Kong

To be successful, we must understand the challenges our clients face and position the appropriate investment solutions in front of them.

My Work

I work in the Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) institutional sales channel in Hong Kong. My team looks for opportunities for GSAM to manage the assets of institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies, corporations and central banks. While we are based in Hong Kong, we cover clients in all of Asia, excluding Japan. It is challenging work, as you deal with different cultures, societies and regulatory environments every day – but I love the challenge.

During my first years as an analyst in the Investment Banking division, I spent time in both the High Technology group in New York and the Equity Capital Markets group in Hong Kong. One thing that impressed me from the start was the willingness of senior management to provide opportunities for junior team members to take on significant responsibilities. Very early on, I was given the chance to work on a number of transactions with some of the world's leading technology companies. The trust of senior management is a consistent theme here: They trust that you will raise your hand when not being challenged – and that you will do the same when you need guidance.

My Day

My team is focused on uncovering new business opportunities for GSAM to manage the assets of pension funds, insurance companies, corporates and central banks in our cash, fixed income, currency, equity, and alternative investment strategies. We cover clients in all of Asia except for Japan - and, given the explosion of growth in this region, working here is truly exciting. On any given day, we can be on the ground visiting a client or prospect in Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, India or even Brunei.

This is a relationship business; we often meet with clients and prospects over meals. Informal situations like this give us an opportunity to learn about their business. There are no shortcuts here: To be successful, we must understand the challenges our clients face and position the appropriate investment solutions in front of them. We will get as deeply involved with their situations as our expertise will allow and will draw upon the knowledge and expertise of other divisions across the firm to give guidance when needed.

My Path

My introduction to Goldman Sachs came through on-campus recruiting. The sheer number of firms that made presentations at my campus made it difficult to differentiate between them, but Goldman Sachs really stood out during the interview process. Despite their impressive backgrounds, the interviewers were both friendly and incredibly humble. They also seemed to have several things in common – not the least of which was a commitment to team work. This, along with the firm's culture and commitment to career mentoring made joining an easy decision for me.


To be honest, I had no intention of pursuing a career in finance, let alone a career at Goldman Sachs, in my early years as a university undergraduate. My original plans were to follow in my father’s footsteps to pursue a career in medicine.

As I started to develop a genuine interest in finance, markets and investing, I had preconceptions that you had to be a certain type with a particular background to pursue a career in finance. Today, I realize that most of those preconceptions were inaccurate, especially here at Goldman Sachs. Everyone comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and because of that, they bring different perspectives to the table when working as a team to find solutions for clients. What everyone does have in common is a combination of incredible drive, motivation, humor and a commitment to excellence.