Ella Executive Director/Vice President, Micro Sales UK Securities Division, London

On my first day, I attended training in the New York office along with a huge number of people my age from all over the world.


I studied economics at university, and that sparked my initial interest in the industry. We did a module on financial markets which led me to the securities division . In my second year, I went on a one-day women-in-banking event where we visited a trading floor and that convinced me. I liked the fast-paced environment and the feeling of being at the centre of the news flow. 

Getting Started at Goldman Sachs

My first experience at the firm was my spring internship in the Securities division. It allowed me to spend a lot of time on the trading floor interacting with Goldman Sachs employees, so it gave me an accurate idea of what working here would be like. I moved on to the summer internship after that, and then joined the firm full-time.

On my first day, I attended training in the New York office along with a huge number of people my age from all over the world. It really helped me build my network here, so when I began work in London, I knew who to contact in New York to help me do my job.

The first few weeks here were a blur of information. On the trading floor, I found it difficult to listen for the information I needed over all the background noise. Now I love that aspect of it.

Career Development

I’ve taken sales training and intensive courses on credit products through Goldman Sachs University. Both have been useful in my day-to-day work. Graduate training in New York provided me with a basic understanding of other asset classes, which is especially crucial since many of our clients follow other markets. We also have regular on-the-job training to keep us up to date with things like compliance issues, new products and market changes.

Assuming my work continues to be as stimulating as it is now, I hope to continue taking on more responsibility and eventually get promoted to the next level.

Working in Securities

A client may come in saying they want to put on a relative-value trade in a particular sector and ask our thoughts. This is where we can be creative on a day-to-day basis, using our knowledge of the client’s risk appetite and trading strategy, along with our own research, fund strats, flows and opinions to develop an idea we think may be suitable.


My team is very close. We all get on extremely well, and that is one of the reasons that the summer internship is a great idea. It gives you a greater degree of control over the people you end up working with.

Teamwork for our group means many things. When the primary coverage for an account is out of the office, we need to make sure the client gets the same level of service from the rest of the team, and so we are constantly updating each other about what our clients are doing. If I am ever struggling with anything, I know there’s a more senior person to step in and help me. Our managers also do their best to insure that their people are happy and that they find time to pursue personal interests outside the office.