Gary Executive Director/Vice President, Private Wealth Management Operations Operations division, Salt Lake City

The level of teamwork and unity here is unique. That's what makes this firm so strong.

My Work

I am currently responsible for overseeing operations for the Private Wealth Management (PWM) Billing team, which calculates and bills advisory fees quarterly for PWM accounts. I’m responsible, as well, for a new team, PWM Product Pricing Support that provides operational support for Alternative Investments. In addition, I’m local management support for Product Data Quality in Salt Lake City and the Business Continuity Planner (BCP) for all of PWM Operations.

I enjoy having a variety of responsibilities: They allow me to interact with all types of businesses and individuals globally while continuing to broaden my knowledge base.

I believe the firm rewards hard work and ability. If you prove your ability to work at high levels you will be recognized with additional responsibility, which hopefully correlates with job growth and advancement. I was recently provided the opportunity to manage a new team in addition to being selected as local management support for a different division that was transitioning functions to Salt Lake City.

My Day

I try to be involved with the day to day, to understand what my teams are working through. This allows us to brainstorm potential enhancements that further streamline processes and controls. I’m particularly proud when a brainstormed idea comes to fruition and proves to be beneficial not only for our department but also the entire firm.

The PWM Product Pricing Support team is relatively new. We are transitioning multiple functions within this group while looking to define efficiencies and control. It is both challenging and rewarding to learn new functions and businesses that the firm supports.

The most challenging part of my job is time management. Since my roles have expanded it’s sometimes difficult to be involved with all aspects of the day to day. That’s why I rely on my team managers to keep me apprised of issues for escalation. It allows me to oversee the big picture while providing them with greater opportunities to increase their profile and exposure. This way, everyone on the team is empowered.

My Path

I worked for other banks in the Wall Street area before joining Goldman Sachs. I was attracted by the talent and initiative of the people in all areas of the firm. I joined in '97 and have never looked back. The level of teamwork and unity here is unique. That's what makes this firm so strong. Also, the possibilities here are outstanding: You have opportunities to move up, to move across the country, or even around the world. You just have to be open to the possibilities, as I was.

In 2002, I left the New York offices and came to Salt Lake City to join the Client Risk Management Group. There's a good deal of interaction, which I support wholeheartedly. It makes your job easier and the quality of work better. It also helps you to work smarter: You get the work done more quickly and that gives you the ability to better balance your work and home life.


I had always wanted to work for Goldman Sachs as it is viewed as the pillar of success. The level of talent here is incomparable, higher than at other firms I had previously been exposed to. This was a bit intimidating at first but provided an additional challenge. I realized that there was a strong team culture and a tradition of promoting on the basis of merit. I’m very happy with my decision to come here. For me to be at the firm for over ten years is extremely satisfying, and I look forward to another ten!

My advice to those considering a career in finance? Keep an open mind: The field is so wide and broad that there are many opportunities to excel. If you put in the time and effort you will be recognized and rewarded in more ways than one. I originally applied this to just business, but now as a father, I see it can also be applied to having a family and being a great parent.