Grace Associate, Hong Kong Advisory Investment Banking division, Hong Kong

“The most valuable training on the floor is from working with talented bankers.”


I did a double major in Economics and Filmmaking at Rice University.

Economics helped me understand the world and laid the bedrock for learning the language of finance. It is an academic discipline with wide applications in various fields including international affairs, politics, law etc.

Filmmaking satisfied my desire to create and own a project from start to finish. I started with documentary filmmaking, which involved developing a research thesis, travelling and exploring and meeting people, and finally, weaving the story into something I could share with the world. I also did fiction and experimental filmmaking, and found the film medium one of the best ways to share a vision with people.

Getting Started at Goldman Sachs

Starting out, I was excited and curious to see what being on “Wall Street” would be like. My greatest fear was that I wouldn’t know anything and the people around me would know everything. But the fear morphed into a hunger to learn.

Career Development

The most valuable training on the floor is from working with talented bankers—seasoned professionals with transaction experience and industry expertise. Just by being exposed to them, you will be trained day by day through the way they think, talk and interact.


As a client-servicing franchise, we work towards a common goal and everyone does their best to perform their role. A well-integrated platform that provides support across all products, industries and markets is only possible if people are connected and willing to reach out to each other.