Gregorio Associate, Equity Capital Markets Investment Banking Division, São Paulo

I really like what I do at the moment and it would not surprise me if I kept doing this for the next ten to fifteen years or so.


I studied business management in college, and when I had to choose among different areas of focus, I chose finance, both corporate and financial markets. This helped me get my first job, at the equity research department of another American investment bank.

Soon, I realized I wanted a more active and dynamic day-to-day job in this same area of interest (capital markets). I thought that investment banking could provide me with this, because it puts you in touch with multiple sectors covering a large range of different corporate clients. I knew from some friends in college that the internship program at Goldman Sachs was very interesting therefore, it was definitely one of my first choices.

Getting Started at Goldman Sachs

I was nervous, like any other intern on his first day, but I was lucky to start in the middle of a very calm (and atypical) week. My boss had a lot of time to explain everything I needed know about the company and my day-to-day job, and was able to introduce me to everybody.

Working in Investment Banking

Our business is basically to study the client and the market and to propose, from a wide range of alternatives, the best one to solve a specific issue or take advantage of an opportunity. One must be creative to outline the potential alternatives, and even more creative to pick the best of them. In Equity Capital Markets, we propose equity-linked alternatives for companies, to help them finance growth, improve their capital structures, allow shareholders to sell their stakes, etc.

It’s exciting for me to see how the work I’m doing is having an impact on the financial markets and the local economy. For example, we worked on the largest equity offering ever, a follow-on issue of a large Brazilian oil and gas company. The proceeds from this large offering were used to finance the exploration of large oil blocks in the Brazilian coast, creating lots of direct jobs and helping the country’s economy as a whole to grow.

I really like what I do at the moment (basically trying to originate and execute equity offerings for Brazilian companies), and it would not surprise me if I kept doing this for the next ten to fifteen years or so.


Teamwork is very important in the Investment Banking Division, where you have teams built for every different project that comes up. It is important that you know how to deal with this kind of dynamic environment, and that you realize that this can be a very important opportunity to learn with senior and more experienced people at the firm. It is also a very good opportunity for you to show your best skills and improve them.