Jenny Analyst, Credit Risk Management and Advising Finance Division, Hong Kong

The first day I was excited and nervous, but all of my colleagues were very nice. They all came over to say hello and asked what they could do to help.


I studied mathematics and applied mathematics for my Bachelor’s Degree at Shanghai Jiaotong University. The classes I took there help me understand the modeling/exposure calculations we need to do for trade approvals. I received my Masters in Finance from Peking University, which gave me an understanding of economics and the financial industry.

I chose Goldman Sachs because of its reputation—I was relatively flexible about what division I wanted to work in. Given my skills in Mandarin and Cantonese, I knew that I wanted to work in one of our offices in Asia.

Getting Started at Goldman Sachs

After accepting my the offer I was excited and nervous about working with talented people at a leading firm, but all of my colleagues were very nice when I started on my first day. They all came over to say hello and asked what they could do to help.


Teamwork is really one of the most important things in our day-to-day operations, as we often work in teams of two to five people. It’s about being responsible for your work, making sure other team members are aware of all the relevant details of what you are doing and always being ready to offer assistance and support when needed.

Career Development

Over the last three years I’ve attended various classroom and e-training courses to further understand a variety of topics, including the products I cover, communication techniques and career management.

I attended analyst training in New York and London together with other new recruits for six to seven weeks. It included an orientation to our firm’s culture, structure and business standards, as well as courses in financial modeling and analysis.

I also attended a one-week credit training course in London and another in Hong Kong to learn the basics of credit risk, corporate credit assessment, considerations in trade approvals and the fundamentals of Goldman Sachs’ traded products.


It’s a department where we have the opportunity to get creative. We’re constantly looking to adopt new and fresh approaches to various tasks, whether that’s finding ways to mitigate risk in our clients’ trade requests, creating improved reports to better monitor our portfolio or work flows, or creating more effective ways to perform credit analyses.