Jordana Executive Director/Vice President, OTFS Global Compliance Division, Salt Lake City

Something else that is unique to Goldman is the devotion to the team and the ability to check one’s ego at the door.

My Work

I work in the Global Compliance Division of Goldman Sachs, overseeing the compliance program for the Operations, Technology, Finance, and Services (OTFS) divisions in Salt Lake City. At its most fundamental level, the Compliance Division advises specific business units on how to comply with the rules and regulations that govern our industry.

As head of OTFS Compliance in Salt Lake City, I cover and support over 1,600 firm employees across several divisions in the Salt Lake City office. Being part of a global group, I also work with my team across the world, spanning from Salt Lake City, through New York, London, Bengaluru, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. We stay closely connected to market and firm events in order to identify and mitigate risk.

My Day

In addition to helping provide Compliance coverage for the Salt Lake City office, I manage the OTFS Compliance team here. My main task is to develop and maintain key relationships across the office. Our team works closely with our divisional counterparts to assess where risk lies, and advise those counterparts on developing solutions or processes to mitigate those risks. As a result of my day-to-day responsibilities, I continue to grow and develop my career while always learning from others. 

My Path

I joined the firm seven years ago in New York on the E-Communications Surveillance team as an analyst and was later promoted to vice president. Shortly after that promotion, I was given the opportunity to move to Salt Lake City and develop and lead a new branch of the E-Communications Compliance team. Two years after making that move, I was named global head of the team and my responsibilities expanded accordingly. As the employment opportunities grew in the Salt Lake City office, so did my role, and after nearly seven years with E-Communications, I moved to a new role in OTFS Compliance.

Almost immediately after joining the firm, I realized that Goldman Sachs has a culture of its own. The people are intelligent, personable, dedicated, and diverse. There is a common goal of productivity among these high achievers. Something else that is unique to Goldman is the devotion to the team and the ability to check one’s ego at the door.

There is a saying here that the reward for good work is more work. Once you prove yourself in one area, another opportunity appears and you are granted greater exposure through increased responsibilities.


After college, I decided to get my masters degree in Social Work. While I couldn’t have known then that I’d end up at Goldman Sachs, it doesn’t come as a surprise. There are so many opportunities here for all types of backgrounds. Growth and movement are encouraged and there is so much more to Goldman Sachs than investment banking.

I would advise anyone interested in a career in finance to learn about the various careers that can be crafted at a financial institution. There is a place for all skill sets here.