Judith Executive Director/Vice President, Securities Lending Technology Technology Division, London

“Working practices are quite flexible here. I am able to work from home if I need to, and I know many men and women that have working arrangements that allow them to fulfill commitments around their family lives.”


I received an MSci in Computer Science from University College London.

Career Development

When I joined the firm as a graduate, I was sent to New York for the technology new-hire program along with other people who had just joined my division.

Over about a month and a half, we received a mix of business- and technology-related training and had the opportunity to meet colleagues from other regions and divisions. The technology side of the program covered a variety of different development languages that we would need for our roles as new analysts.

When I joined my new team I was given training on the specific business area where I was working as well as the systems that we developed to support our users.


Teamwork is one of the things that we do well here. The groups I’ve worked with have been most successful creatively when we’ve had contributions from people with different backgrounds and levels of expertise. They’ve brought fresh perspectives on solutions, helped us challenge our conventional thinking and come up with creative solutions that fit the needs of our clients.

Career Path

I joined the firm as an analyst in 2003 in the FX Operations Technology team after spending the previous summer as an intern in Firmwide Technology. I worked as a Java developer, building a number of systems in or around our team’s core application base.

In 2006 I joined the Derivatives Prime Brokerage (DPB) team, which was building out its London presence at the time. For the next few years, I developed platforms in a variety of languages, including Java and the firm’s proprietary language, SecDB. I worked with our portal and core trading teams as well as external vendors on a number of initiatives for the business.

In the middle of last year, I joined the Securities Lending Technology team where I helped rebuild its profit and loss estimation system. This summer I moved on to lead our newly formed pricing team, which provides consistent pricing for our customers across our product offerings.

Giving Back

For the past six years, I have served as technology team captain for University College London. One of the most enjoyable aspects of doing this is getting to meet and work with the school’s students. We are involved in a couple of courses that help them develop personal and professional skills they need to achieve success in their ultimate career choices. I’ve been back to the university in this capacity every year since I joined the firm. I really enjoyed my own time as an undergraduate there, so I feel it’s important to give back to my department and its students in this way.

Each employee has the opportunity to spend one day a year working for a local charitable cause through our Community TeamWorks initiative. We’re usually spoilt for choice for ways that we can get involved, and I’ve always been able to find a project with a charity or cause that I felt personally resonated with me.

Affinity Networks

I belong to two affinity groups: European Women in Technology and the Firmwide Black Network. Both are very active, open and inclusive. They put on a variety of social events as well as sessions aimed at enhancing our professional development.

Membership has helped me build up my professional network both within my division and externally. I’ve met people from these groups who have become my friends and informal mentors.


When you apply, think about why you want to join the firm and where you feel you may be best placed. Use our web site and attend our recruiting events to do your research to answer these questions.

Focus on what can you bring to the firm and how you can differentiate yourself from other candidates. Think about what makes you special. If you don’t have industry experience yet, have you picked up transferrable skills from any courses or part-time work?

People who enjoy challenging themselves, taking ownership, working in a team and are good communicators that strive to learn are those that you’ll tend to find working here.