Maria Executive Director/Vice President, Controllers Finance Division, Moscow


I’m proud to say I work at Goldman Sachs and I greatly appreciate the opportunities and recognition I’ve received from my managers and teammates.

My Work

I work in Controllers as a part of a global team. We look at local and corporate aspects of accounting and reporting as well as monitor P&L in Russia. I am responsible for Product Control and the Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) roles within Controllers.

The main challenge of my role is to handle multiple tasks and to follow deadlines related to both Product Control and the SAO. Our team needs to be flexible because our projects change often, even though we are constantly working under time pressures and deadlines.

Efficiency, commitment, effectiveness – these are the characteristics I would use to describe my day-to-day activities. I need to be very attentive to not only those on my team but to the traders as well. When sending daily P&L reports, I must stand behind my calculations and be ready to answer any questions that could arise from traders and senior management.

Corporate Accounting as well as the Product Control function gives me plenty of opportunities to develop my skill set and provides me with a broad picture of the financial positions and activities of Russia-based entities.

My Day

Typically I’ll start my day by reading up on recent market news to understand the main drivers that will influence our daily P&L. Each day I issue Russia P&L, but the most difficult time to do this is at the beginning of each month because of the pressure of hard deadlines related to closings. During less pressured times in the month, I’m engaged in additional projects, such as new products flows testing.

Most of my work is through e-mail. Since I am responsible for both Product Control and Corporate Accounting for Russian entities, I receive many questions and requests electronically. I try to react promptly, as most of the issues are very time sensitive.

The first two weeks of each month are usually devoted to monthly and quarterly closings. Therefore most of my day during those weeks is spent clearing all issues connected with this process. During non-closing time, I spend time with the local Moscow team preparing proper support and documentation for expense transfers for local Russian books. I also communicate with the corporate team regarding the issues connected with the Russian entities’ current operations.

My Product Control role usually occupies the second part of my day and is connected with issuing the Russia P&L on a daily basis.

New products evolve at a rapid pace so my work is constantly changing. I work with different people across the firm on a regular basis, including corporate finance, SAOs of other Group entities, product controllers and traders.

My Path

Having studied finance and credit in the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation in Moscow, I always considered a career in the investment banking industry.

Before joining Goldman Sachs two years ago, I worked at one of the big accounting firms for 5 years. There I was engaged in the auditing function, which was a great experience and provided me with the skills I needed to get the job at Goldman Sachs.


I’m proud to say I work at Goldman Sachs and I greatly appreciate the opportunities and recognition I’ve received from my managers and teammates. I’m constantly surrounded by people with passion and purpose – this is important for me to have in my workplace.

Goldman Sachs offers excellent opportunities in career development, both through training and internal mobility. I also enjoy being involved in recruiting new people to join our firm and training new teammates. The firm has turned out to be a great place for me and I only hope to continue to grow and excel in my career here.