Matt Executive Director/Vice President, Telecom Equity Research Global Investment Research Division, New York

 I was also very glad to be at a place where senior managers not only took the time and effort to help newcomers, but were also 100% dedicated to our career development.

My Work

I am an Equity Research analyst on the Telecom Services team. We cover approximately twenty-five companies in the industry and provide value-added research and investment ideas for our clients. My responsibilities include staying on top of daily industry news, maintaining company models and forecasts and interacting with clients, helping them in their investment decision-making process.

I believe the most interesting aspect of my work is how dynamic the job can be on a day-to-day basis. There is no such thing as an “ordinary” or “typical” day since there is always constant news flow that could surface at any given moment.

My experience has been that the more drive, initiative and skill you exhibit in this job, the more doors will open for you. For example, about a year after joining the team, I was given a valuable opportunity to accompany my senior analyst to an industry show in Las Vegas. As a junior analyst I was given the opportunity to meet many company executives during the client meetings that we hosted.

My Day

I am currently working on our “Quarterly Review in Pictures” publication where we aggregate key industry themes that emerged in the past reporting season and present them in an easy-to-read, picture-based slide deck. In this process, we try to identify the most actionable stock ideas in order to help our clients make money.

My team communicates in-person, over the phone and through email to share ideas. Our goal is to reach a common investment thesis for the stocks we cover. When working on a specific project or updating company forecasts, working together as a team is critical to ensure that everyone’s views are captured and that all tasks are completed efficiently and on time.

The most challenging part of the job has been getting up-to-speed on the background of the telecom industry. However, it is extremely rewarding to know that investors look to our team as their source for key investment advice in the telecom space.

My Path

I initially joined Goldman Sachs as a summer analyst through the campus recruiting process. I interviewed with a number of other firms but chose Goldman Sachs given its reputation for excellence, focus on teamwork and the strong value the firm placed on the development and growth of its people. After my great experience as a summer analyst, I made the decision to return to Goldman Sachs after graduation.

When I first joined the firm I was very impressed with the level of collaboration and interaction between employees. I was also very glad to be at a place where senior managers not only took the time and effort to help newcomers, but were also 100% dedicated to our career development.


I originally intended to major in Political Science when I started college but that soon changed after I took an economics class my first semester in order to satisfy a course requirement. I enjoyed it so much that I continued to explore finance-related classes and eventually transferred to my university’s business school where I majored in Finance and Accounting. I developed a strong interest in stocks and the market which is what drove me to seek a summer analyst position at Goldman Sachs.

The best advice I’d offer to someone considering a career in finance is to continue to network and expand your base of industry contacts so you can determine if this is the right field for you and where you might fit in best. This really helped me to decide not only what industry I wanted to work in but which firm I wanted to work at.