Mike Executive Director/Vice President, Regulatory Reporting and Monitoring Operations Division, Hong Kong


Advice I’d offer to anyone seeking a career in finance? Never stop asking questions, never settle.

My Work

I am currently working in Regulatory Operations. Our group is primarily focused on executing regulatory reporting and ensuring the quality of the data in the reports. We are currently directing the development of an application to support the Firm’s reporting to the SEC.

Our work is almost entirely team-based. While specific tasks are often handled by an individual, understanding the regulatory nature of the firm’s businesses requires input from a variety of individuals across Operations, Technology, Legal, Compliance, and members of trading and banking teams.

I have found that Goldman Sachs is very open to internal mobility and is dedicated to extending opportunities to anyone who earns them. Over the past two and a half years that I’ve been with the firm, I have held three different positions within my department. I also had the opportunity to spend 6 months in London on a short-term assignment.

My Day

The most challenging aspect of my job is managing the intense pace at which we frequently work. Not only are we constantly focused on various projects, but we are also working on recruiting new talent, keeping existing processes up-to-date with new business and new products and constantly trying to stay focused on improving our personal skill sets to move our careers forward.

The high point of my day is working with teammates to fill an empty white board with ideas. At times, we’re asked to think and act like engineers – identify a problem, develop a potential solution, research to determine if our approach will work and then implement that solution. Whatever solution we come to consensus on must be strategic and thought out.

My Path

I came to Goldman Sachs immediately after graduating from Brandeis University in 2005.

The night before I began working, I was imagining an intense and competitive work environment. I could not have been more wrong. I found a situation where analysts in my class helped me at every juncture and where managers and more senior team members have gone out of their way to explain things to me and to ensure that I have time to ask any and all questions.


When I was beginning my sophomore year at college and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do after graduating. While I certainly did not have Goldman Sachs in mind per se, I have always known what type of environment I wanted to work in – one that offered a team-based work style, a healthy work-life balance, and openness to learning and questions, and a place that was above all else a meritocracy.

I was the kind of kid who, in high school, always raised my hand, always asked questions. It wasn’t appreciated at the time, but I feel that it’s appreciated here.

Advice I’d offer to anyone seeking a career in finance? Never stop asking questions, never settle.