Polly Executive Director/Vice President, Client Services Technology Division, Hong Kong

I’ve noticed that there are so many different opportunities to create your own career within a single department or across the firm.

My Work

I am part of the Technology Client Services team. My main responsibility is new product deployment which provides a framework to ensure that products are successfully introduced here at Goldman Sachs. A large part of this role consists of reviewing each new product, making sure that support is available from Client Services upon product deployment and ensuring that business users learn how to use the products.

The most interesting aspect of this role is the chance to constantly learn about new products. You have to quickly grasp their functionality, understand how they could help the business and determine what potential impact their deployment could have on the firm.

One benefit of my job is I’m always among the first group of people to try new products out. At times this can be great since we have access to the latest technology before the majority of the firm but sometimes the products might have a bug that creates issues on our system.

My Day

The most challenging part of my day is remaining vigilant. Any delay in product deployment or releasing an immature product could have a very negative impact on the firm’s business and potentially cause us to lose business.

Aside from my new product responsibilities, another assignment of mine is expanding the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) site in Hong Kong. The BCP site is important because it is a place where we can continue to provide services to our clients if our current buildings become inaccessible. While working on this project I got the chance to develop my own site building strategy.

The most rewarding part of my job is working with people in various specialities. Technology Client Services distributes new products that are designed by professionals in all different areas and we gain a lot of knowledge working with them each day. The flow of new products coming in and out means that no two days at work are ever the same. Since my work environment is always changing this allows me to constantly learn new things.

My Path

I learned about an opportunity with the Technology division from a friend at Goldman Sachs. During my interview I heard about the firm’s culture and all of the qualities that Goldman Sachs was looking for in a new hire. I also met with individuals in Technology in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and New York during the interview process. After a series of interviews, I received a job offer which I accepted.

When I first joined, I was immediately impressed by the quality of people at the firm. I found that technologists here know a lot, whether it is technology related or business related. They are willing to share their knowledge with you even if you are not on the same team and regardless of seniority.


Looking back, I never expected I would be working here. My major was Software Engineering and since high school I thought I would become a programmer. Working at such a large, international firm was not something I imagined myself doing.

However, if you are a technologist who is willing to learn and prepared to react quickly, a career in finance could be the right place for you. Business in the finance industry changes quickly and requires the best, most up-to-date systems. You also need to be extremely vigilant because any little mistake on the system could have a huge impact on business. At the same time, it’s very gratifying when you know you helped the company succeed using your system.

In addition, I’ve noticed that there are so many different opportunities to create your own career within a single department or across the firm.