Russel Executive Director/Vice President, Hardware Engineering Technology Division, Jersey City

We are constantly challenged to find unique solutions for our clients.


I received a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Columbia University in 2006. My education is relevant to what I do every day, but in order to keep up with new trends and ideas, I am constantly learning.

Starting at Goldman Sachs

My first week here, a senior member of our team departed suddenly. My manager at the time called me into his office and explained that I would be taking over the bulk of that person’s work. I later found out my manager was confident enough, based on my previous experience as an intern with the group, to give me the large responsibilities.

Career Development

When I first started, there was an eight-week training session for new technology analysts. Since then Goldman Sachs University courses have provided more opportunities to learn “soft skills” and stay up-to-date on my technical knowledge. However, most of my training has occurred on the job. My colleagues provide some of the deepest expertise in their respective fields, and I feel very fortunate to be able to tap into their knowledge.

Working in Technology

Goldman has long been influential in the technology industry, providing feedback to OEMs to help them enhance their products not only for financial services firms, but for all end users. We have senior technologists who contribute to open source. My current role allows me to do both, which makes coming to work every day both challenging and exciting.

We are constantly challenged to find unique solutions for our clients. We work closely with our vendors and our internal thought leaders to help drive the direction of the entire technology industry forward.


I operate in a global team split among multiple time zones and geographies. We work closely together on many projects, which means lots of conference calls, videoconferences and telepresence meetings to make sure we’re constantly in sync.

Affinity Networks

I am affiliated with the Technology Hispanic/Latino Network. It’s one of many groups that give technologists of all backgrounds a forum where they can learn about resources and opportunities that they may not otherwise have been aware of.