Stephanie Executive Director/Vice President, Institutional Client Implementation Operations Division, London

I am very proud to be a part of a firm that actively supports volunteering in the community, protecting the environment and promoting the leadership and advancement of women.

My Work

I am a manager in our global Client Onboarding team in the Operations division of Goldman Sachs. I manage the Institutional Client Implementation Group (ICIG) for the Americas. The ICIG team helps our institutional clients and sales teams more easily and quickly open accounts and get clients ready to trade.

The most interesting aspect of my job is working with individuals across many different areas of the firm and in all regions. I am part of a global team with counterparts in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. I interact with my team members daily during conference calls and via phone and e-mail. Working with a global team has taught me the importance of understanding the diverse needs of our clients in all regions. Operations often acts as a hub to different divisions and departments firm-wide by partnering with colleagues to deliver a seamless client experience. When working with sales and clients to open accounts, I often collaborate with individuals from many departments, including Sales, Credit, Legal, Compliance and the Middle Office, to answer the client’s question or to resolve an issue.

My Day

I recently joined the Client Onboarding team to help build out and manage ICIG. I am also a part of a project team focused on strategic initiatives to help the entire organization better manage client requests. I enjoy helping to implement tools and processes that will fundamentally improve the way we perform the account opening function and provide service to our clients.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow here at Goldman Sachs and in Operations, in the form of travel opportunities, training, temporary relocation to other regions, internal mobility and people management. I have been with Goldman Sachs for almost three years and have consistently received opportunities to challenge myself, build my knowledge and grow as an Operations professional.

I am very proud to be a part of a firm with a fantastic reputation – both as an exceptional financial institution but also as a firm that actively supports volunteering in the community, protecting the environment and promoting the leadership and advancement of women. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is my role in supporting these values. I participate in Community TeamWorks (CTW), I am part of the Operations Women Network, and I volunteer for various mentoring programs.

My Path

I started my career in the strategy and operations division of a consulting firm working with financial institutions. I was referred to Goldman Sachs as an experienced hire by a friend and former co-worker who had recently joined the firm and thought I would also be a good fit. While I was not looking for a new job at the time, once I met the people I would be working with and learned about the opportunities at Goldman Sachs, it became an offer that I quickly accepted.

When I first joined Goldman Sachs, I was impressed by the length of time my new colleagues had been with the firm. As people introduced themselves, it was not uncommon for them to say that they had spent their entire career at Goldman Sachs. I know several people who celebrated their 25th anniversary with the firm this year, and I look forward to having the opportunity to say the same thing.


Upon graduation from college, I did not consider a career at Goldman Sachs or any other investment bank. I did not want to be a trader or investment banker, and I thought those were the only opportunities available for a competitive, fulfilling career. Fortunately, through my relationships with individuals who joined Goldman Sachs, I learned that there were many great opportunities for people with diverse skills, interests and career goals.

One thing I don’t think people realize is that a career at Goldman Sachs, particularly in Operations but in other areas of the firm as well, is a great option for people from all backgrounds. While we are a financial institution, this is not a place for finance majors only. I work with many Engineering, Psychology, Mathematics and English majors, to name a few. This diversity in backgrounds and experience helps us to approach issues, ideas and opportunities from all perspectives and to make the best decisions for our clients and the firm. Goldman Sachs hires smart motivated people who are willing to dig in, learn and contribute to creating value for our clients and making this a great place to work.