Capital Opportunity for Lending Partners

As 10,000 Small Businesses continues to expand, it is seeking capital partners, a majority of whom will be located in or capable of deploying loan capital to small businesses in urban areas. 

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Selected partners are eligible to receive a combination of capital and
philanthropic support:

  • A lending facility with a seven year term, with the first 2-3 years for deployment and the final 4-5 years for repayment. Rates will be set based on market conditions at the time of underwriting
  • A grant to cover Loan Loss Reserves (LLR).  Once the lending facility is repaid, the unused portion of the LLR grant may convert to unrestricted funds
  • The opportunity to participate in the small business lender training workshops that GS 10,000 Small Businesses will launch in 2014 together with OFN
  • CDFI Loan Funds and other mission based small business lenders may also apply for a grant to cover a portion of general operating expenses

Please submit applications and inquiries electronically to: