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Why Join?

10,000 Small Businesses gives you the tools you need to help your company grow.

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    You’ll learn from the experts

    Take a practical and hands-on 11-session business course designed by Babson College, a leader in entrepreneurship education, and acquire people management.

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    You’ll invest in yourself

    Learn to identify opportunities, develop your leadership skills and maximize your business operations.

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    You’ll get customized business assistance

    Receive one-on-one business advising and create your own customized business growth plan.

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    You’ll make connections

    Learn from and with other small business owners in a collaborative setting, with years of collective business experience.

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    It’s absolutely free

    If you are selected to participate, the program is provided to you at no additional cost.

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The 10,000 Small Businesses program can give you the tools, support and financing you need to grow your company. If you’re accepted, you’ll get access to:

Practical Business and Management Education:

Leading business schools have partnered with local community colleges to develop classes that you can apply immediately to address critical issues with your business. These include:

  • Identifying and evaluating business opportunities
  • Understanding and managing the competitive business environment
  • Analyzing financial statements and using them to make management decisions
  • Accessing financial capital
  • Leading a growing business

Access to Capital

You will be given the opportunity and tools to position your businesses to access loans.

Business Support Services

You will work one-on-one with dedicated professionals to develop a strategic and tailored growth plan for your business. Additional support services are available through partnerships with national and local business organizations, professional services firms and the people of Goldman Sachs.